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Plex Support
Govett Consulting offers Plex clients another option for implementation or post support value. Our target clients are looking  for senior consultants to compliment their team bringing Plex knowledge, industry experience, and best practice implementation expertise.  This value may come during  your initial implementation or for post implementation projects or requests.

Our intention is not to replace Plex Subject Matter Experts or your Plex PM - our value proposition comes in other areas such as data migration, reporting, complimenting Plex subject matter experts, basic training, and assisting the Plex Champion in other various areas of an implementation.  Post implementation support may involve implementation of Phase II modules, reporting, or other part time needs.
We understand the difficulty many companies face - the time availability of the Plex Champion and ERP team members. We strive to become an "extension" of your Plex Champion and ERP team thus minimizing the risk of daily work interfering with your Plex implementation yet ensuring the critical Plex knowledge occurs between Plex and your team.   We  work hand-in-hand with the Plex PM and Plex Subject Matter Experts thus you are also assured of Plex expertise whenever required.  

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Our Plex Value Proposition

 Independent Flexible partner that understands small to mid market culture and constraints (you may just need part time help, wear multiple hats, perform multiple roles, onsite versus remote, etc.)

 Data Migration experience and understanding of Plex data structure

 Make reporting and IntelliPlex BI a key component of implementation and post support – increase ROI of Plex

o    Our familiarity with Sales, Purchasing, Container, BOM, Routing, and Job data structures reduce client effort with trial/error to extract meaningful queries

o    Understanding and use of VisionPlex for casual, ad-hoc reporting not met with standard Plex

 We have no “minimum engagement”– we only charge actual hours worked in a true On Demand environment – we want to establish a long term relationship thus we can fill in the support gaps when needed

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