Govett Consulting, LLC


Independent Consulting Since 2005

Senior Independent Consulting​

GovettConsulting, LLC  represents Ed Govett, a Senior Consultant dedicated to providing valued  results using a combination of experience, expertise, and professionalism.  Govett Consulting does not sell software nor have any referral agreements  -  I only sell my  services.  I am open to any opportunity whether it be direct to a client or contracting via 3rd party.  My focus since 2012 has been implementing and supporting SAP ByDesign.  My broad ERP and strategic IT background provide a good compliment to my SAP ByDesign expertise.

My typical client ranges from small to mid-market companies  or consulting firms who are looking for senior independent consultants to assist with their challenge.   I obviously have no large IT staffing services to sell - my goal is to be a trusted partner providing senior experienced expertise to your team.  I typically wear many "hats" to provide the added value required for small to mid-size companies to execute these type of enterprise wide projects.

The approach is pretty simple - jointly work with clients in an open and no nonsense environment that builds trust and yields FOCUSED results.  I believe in a very hands on approach using active management (walk around, know and meet your customer, and be proactive) to empower the team to stay focused and get things done.  It is about working with YOUR team to facilitate your team learning,  dynamics, and working together to achieve the desired result.