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ERP Software Selection Targeted for Small to Mid Size Companies

The  ERP software selection is a simple yet effective approach that is targeted for small to mid-market companies that require one or two independent consultants to help lead client teams through the ERP selection process. I  have no software vendor referral agreements and any subsequent implementation services are based on customer request.   If I am unable to fill your current need due to current commitments or we both feel your selection is  too large for a single consultant,  I have relationships with other senior consultants or consulting firms and will gladly work to find you the best solution.
Selections have involved a variety of ERP software companies such as SAP(B1,ByDesign,ECC), Oracle(EBS/JDEdwards/PeopleSoft), Salesforce (Ascent, Financial Force, Rootstock),  IFS, Plex, QAD, Microsoft(NAV,DYN,GP), Infor, Epicor, Consona, Sage, CDC Ross, Syspro, NetSuite, Acumatica, and Aplicor just to name a few.  Each client's list will differ according to their critical key process requirements and industry.

My  years in IT management  combined with ERP consulting have provided a unique background to provide ERP software selection services.  The "Funnel Approach" methodology is tuned to the very specific client key critical process needs as opposed to a very big functional point spreadsheet where a majority of those points have little impact on the ERP software selection process.  The strategy is to quickly identify key criteria specific to your business model, not capture tons of requirements that really have no significant impact on the your business or ERP value.

Keeping it Simple

The goal of this selection methodology is to focus on the key critical processes or criteria that drives your business, not the common functionality or hundreds of functional points that are common in todays mature ERP systems.  
An important aspect of the ERP selection process is for executives to understand this is the first step in a learning process for the project team and executives.  Open discussion and communication around critical business processes, brainstorming on business process improvements, drivers, and future needs that drive the selection process is a critical launching point towards laying a foundation for the later ERP implementation.

Keeping it Focused
The "Funnel" approach prevents spending time on general requirements that divert precious effort and resources away from evaluating the critical needs of your business model. Areas such as unique inventory processes, sales order flow, costing, production planning, distribution,order fulfillment, and financial reporting may represent a few of those areas.  Concentrating on these key processes allow the team to focus, keep it as simple as possible, and quickly present options to management. Remember, the ERP selection process is not a data gathering exercise; it's goal is to create a foundation for the company to make an informed and timely decision on a long term strategic software partner.


ERP selection projects have include:d  

Small eCommerce light Mfg and Distributor   Mid Market Food Mfg & Distributor 

Small eCommerce distributor 

Mid Market Food Mfg & Distributor 

Large Global Helicopter MRO/Services 

Mid Market VoIP Manufacturer  

Small Medical Device Manufacturer 

High Tech Small Startup 

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